Sugar and


and everything naughty



FinDoMina brings you a mix of amazing women with different fetishes and kinks, geared towards getting you off!

We are a highly detailed, rich, relaxing atmosphere. We have all types of women. Vixens (dancers) Scarlets (escorts), Babydolls (subby girls) & Findominatrix's (Findoms). All of our girls are voice verified and cam verified and we only hire quality. Our goal is to help you relax, enjoy yourself, explore your desires and kinks, and most importantly, to get you off.




Sugar and


and everything naughty



Diamond of the Month

Diamond of the Month is the FDM employee of the month, We choose one special  girl every month to be our diamond. This girl embodies everything that FDM stands for, shes sexy, shes rare, and she shines, and sparkles, and is well deserved of her diamond title.Click the image to check out our blog and read more about our special monthly Diamond.



Thank you for your interest in working at FinDoMina. We run things a bit differently than most other clubs on SL so please read our rules and requirements below! 



♕ Requirements ♕


★ You MUST be 18+ in RL and SL. Age play results in a ban and a report. 

★ You MUST have a female, human avatar, though modifications such as tails, ears, etc. are alright. No overly large attachments or avatars either.

★ We hire Trans-genders, meaning if you are born a male but identify as a woman in RL, then we will accept you to work here, AS long as you are open about it in your rate cards, profile, etc.

★ We voice verify everyone, regardless of your gender identification.   

★ We do not hire noob looking avatars, this means no flexi hair, no prim feet, etc. You require to have at least a mesh body, hair, and clothing. 

★ Escorts and Findoms CAN dance and strip however it is not required. You may come in and hang out if you wish, not AFK. Dancers only MUST be on the stage, and not AFK! 

★ Escorts, Findoms, and Dancers must do 3 hours a week minimum. We monitor the time clock. Exclusive girls, leads, and managers all are required to do 5 hours a week minimum.

★ English is a must, there are no translators allowed. 

★ We decide if your avatar looks like a child avatar. Do not argue if we ask you to change please, we are an adult themed venue, and wish to stay open and not get in trouble by Linden Labs.

★ We hire quality women, therefore please apply only if you are serious about working. We are NOT exclusive! We DO hire managers and owners from other clubs to be escorts or dancers, however you can not talk about other clubs while at FinDoMina, this will result in being let go from your position here. 


♕ Rules ♕


★ We take only 15% out of your tip jars, Managers and Exclusive girls only 10%. You get paid 10L per hour from the time clock.

★ Adboards cost L$200 per week for Escorts or Findoms. If you are only a Dancer it is not required to rent a board.

★ All tips and money paid for services must go through FinDoMina jars. 

★ Please remember the more time you spend in here the more money/clients you will have. 

★ For those who are working on stage, the stripping prices are L$500 topless and L$1000 nude. This is an accumulated amount in your jar, not per guest. 

★ You must be in the staff group as well as the VIP group to work here and rent boards. 

★ If you are a club owner/manager you ARE allowed to come hang out, and even work here just please do not talk about your club or wear your club tag, it's disrespectful. 


If you agree with the above rules and requirements please drop by the club and grab an application, also join our appicant group.


Oh Snap! Photography

20% off from Keera Laasonen and Alli Arkham [alltaire resident] 

10% off from all other Photographers

Diamond of the Month

Free photo from Keera Laasonen or alltaire resident

Personalized 10% Tip Jar 

Special Tag for the month

FDM Diamond

Goddess/Princess Status

 10% cut from tip jars 

 Special Tags

FDM Goddess or FDM Princess 

Sugar and


and everything naughty



Sugar and


and everything naughty

February Events

Sat Feb 11th 3pm  Naughty in Red


Tues Feb 14th 7pm  Valentine's Day Party

Thur Feb 16th 8pm Leather & Latex

Sat Feb 18th 3pm 80's Disco Party

Tues Feb 21st 7pm Game Night

Thur Feb 23rd 6pm Date Auction

Sat Feb 25th 3pm Masquerade Party

Tues Feb 28th 7pm Staff Party

NOTE: all times are in SLT and everyone is welcome to come to all events and participate, some events have prizes up to $1000L


Owners and Founders

Keera Laasonen

Alltaire Resident

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